you are the smell before rain, you are the rock to my dwayne

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"I am weary of war. I want to rest, to laugh, to plant trees and see them grow. I am only a young girl." "No, you are the blood of the dragon. dragons plant no trees."

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untitled by smte on Flickr.

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Olive Orchard / Olive Grove – 1889 – Vincent van Gogh 

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Carter Murdoch

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Scott and Stiles + in sync

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They stayed together!
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I make decisions on my own, or leave you bewildered,
And I’m always clumsy when responding to the kindness at my side but…

…Probably, without even a trace of doubt,
I’ll keep relying on the hand that supports me as I move forward

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height difference is my weakness…i may have exaggerated it a little bit ๑´ㅂ`๑)

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tiled transparent fox background, free for your use!
just please don’t repost, and link back to me if you’re feeling it c:
(terms of use)

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then i heard the church bells from afar
but we found each other in the dark

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Dressed in a suit with a brutal passions snakes. - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Alexander pierce, Bucky) by noonrema

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Castiel Collection.

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Dionysus was the god of wine and winemaking, theater, ecstasy, and madness in greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus and Semele, a nymph who was killed by the overpowering presence of Zeus when Hera taunted him to appear in his true divine form to Semele. Zeus took the still unborn Dionysus and sew him into his thigh thus resulting in Dionysus to becoming “twice-born”. He is often depicted in the presence of drunken satyrs and nymphs as well as the Maenads, the human women who once a year are driven to madness by his presence. Dionysus is also often associated with Hades and is known to be the “Eater of Raw Flesh”. A popular tale featuring Dionysus is of Ariadne and the Magic Thread, in which Dionysus becomes a heroic figure of mercy as he seeks to rescue Ariadne from death at the hands of abandonment after Theseus leaves her stranded upon an island. The first greek tragedy was written in his honor, and in the old days, people devoted plays and tragedies to the wine god.